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Join me this fall for my Bible-study for aspiring Christian writers. We'll be studying out of the book: Write his answer: A bible study for Christian writers which is uniquely written to encourage you to answer your writing calling and to help you stay motivated and encouraged along your journey to write for Christian publication. The Bible study will be held in Arlington, Texas on second Saturdays, beginning in September, from 10-12:30pm and will run for 8 weeks. We'll also have a one hour write-in time after the Bible-study so be sure to bring your laptop, tablet or a writing pad!


You’ll be joined by a community of like-minded writers seeking to achieve the same goal of writing for Christian publication.

You'll receive inspiration from the Bible to help you stay encouraged and motivated for your writing journey.

You'll get to know other Christian writers, pray for each other, fellowship and form connections.

You'll grow more confident and more capable of moving forward with your writing goals.

You'll gain and receive feedback from other writers to help you improve your writings for publication.


There is no charge to attend but donations are appreciated. For more information, email me at:

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