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What is book coaching? 


A book coach helps the writer every step of the way so that they’re not alone and so that they don’t lose courage. They help the writer stay focused on their goals and guides and encourages. An author coach is like a personal trainer for an aspiring author. The focus is not on the words on the page; it's on you as the aspiring author and all that stuff that surrounds the words on the page.

                                                                                                                     Lauren Sapala


As a n author accelerator nonfictuon book coach, I’ll help you get started on your journey to write the book you believe God is calling you to write. I offer the following coaching packages to address your needs as an aspiring Christian author



This Book coaching package includes:

*The completion of a 14- step questionnaire to create the overall structure for your book

*One round of edits to review your answers to your questionnaire and provide in-line comments and a summary of editorial recommendations.

​* One sixty- minute Zoom coaching sessions to discuss my in-line comments and summary of recommendations.


*unlimited email access to answer your questions as you complete your questionairre

Your investment: $500.00



I need help writing the first draft of my book and someone to hold me accountable along the journey to complete my first draft.

Coaching package #2: WHILE YOU WRITE - THE HOW


see other coachies' information on this and your other page

This package will help writers who work best when they have accountability, structure, and big-picture feedback. The goal is simply to complete a first draft, to get that novel out of your head and onto the page! I will guide you by setting deadlines, asking clarifying questions, pointing out weaknesses and strengths, encouraging you, and sending you links to resources targeted to helping you improve your writing. 

Your coaching package includes: 

  •  create a writing schedule, place and time

  • Creation of your writing goals

  • two monthly coaching calls

  • progress checks

  • four coaching sessions to check on your progress, to review your daily, weekly or monthly writing goals to be sure they are realistic, to discuss how to overcome any obstacles getting in the way of your writing time , and to pray for your writing needs.


I will guide you by ...helping you stick to a writing schedule, overcome writing challenges when you get stuck, encouraging and praying for you, he, etc. lping you overcome distractions, sending you resouces when neeeed

Prequisite: Completion of the min blueprint or blueprint for a book plan to write your book.



I need help publishing my manuscript

Coaching package #3: AFTER YOU'RE DONE WRITING


redo add other informaton here on other page that you've already written; delete this information

  • Completion of an intake survey to see what you need

  • A workbook to complete the components needed to self-publish

  • Two sixty-minute coaching session to set up your book on Amazon


Your investment: $250.00for a two-hour session





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