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Due to writing my own materials, I offer limited editing services for aspiring Christian writer. Below are the types of editing sercies I offer at this time. Remembere, j: You're a writnig and book coach and a consultant, not necssary the one who does the work for yoru cleints, but th eone who encourages them to do the writing and erferes them to the proper resouces to help them get their writing improved, and erady for publication!+

From one of the articles on what to charge; I recommend that new indie authors working with a particular editor for the first time try to find someone who charges by the page or the word—that way, you know exactly how much to budget.

I. Proofreading - $3.00/page or $20.00/hour

A proofreader checks your manuscript for any and all errors related to its final display. That means missing words, spelling errors, strange sentence or paragraph breaks, messed-up formatting, or other goofs.

Think of this as the general quality-control phase. The heavy lifting of structural, content, and style editing has been done; the grammar has been fine-tuned; and everything is basically in good shape. Now you’re just trying to make sure that there’s no chips or scratches on the final product.

Proofreaders don’t comment on style, structure, pacing, or other big-picture items.

Often, they don’t even offer grammatical suggestions. They’re focused exclusively on making sure that your book is as error-free as possible…not that it makes sense or engages the reader.

The lightest form of editing. Minor errors are corrected. Minor errors include:

  • errors of grammar and style (e.g., verb tense, units such as ml, use of numerals and words such as “5” or “five”)

  • errors of capitalization, punctuation (e.g., the use of commas, semicolons, colons, periods, dashes, apostrophes)

  • errors of spelling and word usage (e.g., to/too, affect/effect)

II. Light Copy editing - $4.00 per page or $35 or20.00/hour 

What they do and is this a feaeture yuo want to offer: Copy editor looks for mechanical, rather than stylistic or structural, issues.

“Mechanical” writing issues are things like grammar problems, capitalization errors, spelling glitches, and word choice problems.

This is where the “line editing” name comes in—copy editors go line by line through your manuscript hunting for glitches.

Think of this like spellcheck on steroids: you’ll get insight into homophone errors, problems with phrasing or spelling, missing words, funky capitalization or paragraph breaks, and more.

A great copy editor will also look for the use of passive voice, too much use of italics or other emphasis, and other things that might detract from your book.

What Don’t They Do?

Copy editors don’t provide you with an overall view of the quality, structure, pacing, etc. of your book—that’s for a developmental editor.

They might leave little notes about something that doesn’t make sense, but it’s not strictly part of the process. They’re there solely to make sure that your writing is technically sound.

Copy editing is a bit cheaper than developmental editing, again because of the differences in time and effort involved.

For the most part, you can expect to pay:

  • $30-$50 per hour

  • $3-$5 per page

  • 3-5 cents per word

III. Webpage editing -$20.00 per hour

IV. Poetry Manuscript Critique - $20.00/hour or -- per poem

V. Article critique - $35.00/hour

VI. Book proposal consultation - $35.00/hour


It is highly recommeded that you have an editor review your manuscript, especially if you aer planning to self-publiish. However, due to the time required to write my own books and run my business, I do not provide manuscript evaluations at this time. However, as part of my book coaching services for aspiring writers, I will provide a list of editors for you to use once your manuscript is completed, based on the type of editing you desire for your manuscript. These editors will be editor tht are experienced andhighly recommended in providing the help you need to ensure you manuscript is rewady for publicaton. It is higly recommended that you have an i

What will you receive?

  • An easy-to-follow critique of your manuscript that is 1–2 pages in length (in a Word file)

  • An assessment of the elements that might affect the salability of your manuscript

  • Suggestions for revisions of the major issues

  • What types of manuscripts can you use this service for?

  • General nonfiction

  • Plays and screenplays

  • Poetry

  • General nonfiction (memoir, biography, self-help, gardening, etc.)

  • Sermons

  • Lines must be double-spaced.

  • Twelve-point Times New Roman type.

  • Letter-size pages.

  • One-inch margins.

  • Pages must be submitted by email in a Microsoft Word file.

Please complete the form below to request the editing services you need.


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