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Are you being called to write for Christian publication but need help getting started? I have written and self-published five books so I am a perfect candidate to help you achieve your goal to write and publish for the faith-based marketplace.  Set up the consulting session below that best meets your needs!

"Pick my Brain" General Consultation


Do you have a general question you would like answered to help you  write for ministry and Christian publication? Are you in need of clarity, guidance or direction about how to begin? Then book a "pick my brain" coaching session. For one hour, I'll answer any general questions you have to help you prepare for your writing ministry!


Are you wanting to write a book you believe God is calling you to write? Let me serve as your book coach to help you reach your writing goal.  

As your publishing coach I will not write or edit your book. Instead I will serve as your coach, guide, resource advisor,  accountability partner and cheerleader for a designated period of time to help you write your book and become the author you desire to be.


Contact me for a free consultation to discuss. 

Self-Publishing Consulting 

Is your manuscript completed and you are interested in getting it self-published? Then hire me as your self-publishing consultant. 

 I have self-published five books and offer assistance with self-publishing in the following ways:

  • Assistance ensuring you have edited your book professionally and chosen a professional cover
  • Assistance helping you purchase your ISBN
  • Assistance setting up your title, book description, categories and keywords on your publishing platform
  • Assistance uploading your book to a chosen publishing platform for both paperback and eBook editions
  • Assistance ordering your proof copy

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss!

Accountability Coaching 

This 30 minute coaching session is for aspiring authors who are writing their book but need a periodic word of encouragement and prayer to help them stay on track toward completing their writing goal.  Let me be the cheerleader you need to help you complete the book God has given you to  share with your waiting audience!

Accountablity Coaching