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Book Coaching

Writing a book is not an easy task. That's why it's important to hire a book coach. But what does a book coach do? According to, a book coach: 

*Can help you create an outline and road map for your project so you can stick to the goal of writing your book with as few distractions as possible.

*Assist you in working through challenges that slow down your progress

*Provide creative feedback and ensure you are on the right track to a solid draft.

*Acts as your accountability partner and  cheerleader.

Take a look at the following book coaching packages to see which one meets your needs!

Blueprint For a Book

  Coaching Package




four monthly payments of $100.00 each



This plan is for clients who want help creating a structure for their book and a plan for how to write it. Clients will take their blueprint and begin writing their book on their own. No coaching is offered on how to write your chapters.


You will work on creating a blueprint or framework for your book which includes:

  •        defining the main idea 

  •        choosing the format 

  •        defining your target audience 

  •        creating a working title 

  •        creating a table of contents  

  •        creating a chapter template (if applicable)

  •        One round of edits to review your blueprint and provide in-line comments.

  •        One sixty - minute Zoom coaching session to discuss my in-line comments and summary of 

  •        recommendations for your blueprint.

If you are interested in this service, please fill out the following Client Intake Form and email back to me.

Client Intake Form



Blueprint For a Book

 and first chapter feedback



or three payments of $200 for three months


This coaching package is for clients who want help creating a blueprint for their book and feedback on the writing of their first chapter.


This coaching package includes:


  •        Defining the main idea 

  •        Choosing your structure

  •        Defining your target audience 

  •        Creating a working title 

  •        Creating a Table of Contents  

  •        Creating a chapter template (if applicable)

    •  Determining your writing space

    •  Creating your writing schedule and how to stick to it.

    •  Writing your first chapter.

  •        Two rounds of edits to review your blueprint and provide in-line comments and

  •        a summary of editorial recommendations.

  •        Two sixty-minute Zoom coaching sessions to discuss my editorial notes on your blueprint,

  •         and my summary of editorial recommendations.

Please note: This coaching package requires a commitment of at least two months and one coaching call per month.   

Interested in this package? Complete the following intake form and email back to me! 


Client Intake Form




Have you began writing the chapters for your book but are feeling stuck? Do you need help working through an area of your chapter, or are you just needing a dose of encouragement because you're ready to give up?


I offer one hour coaching sessions for you whenever you need them. You get the help you need to work through your pain point(s) as you write your book. Sign up when you need one to get out of the mud when you're feeling stuck!


Coaching may include:

  • A review of your writing goals

  • Structural/content suggestions

  • Overcoming distractions

  • Working through writer's block or other challenges

  • A review of your writing schedule. 

  • Prayer to encourage you to keep writing


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