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From poet, author to contributing author with a notable publishing company, I’m grateful for the tools and techniques that helped me on my journey! Jeaninne Stokes, writing coach extraordinaire was very instrumental in helping me hone the skills and techniques needed to implement tools I possessed. Her writing support group gave me confidence and courage to keep writing and find my unique voice! I’m extremely grateful for her mentor ship and tutelage!! This is my second publication and I have more projects on the horizon!

 "Thanks, Coach Jeaninne!"


Deni Kay, Author

Because of Jeaninne Stokes, I was able to gain vital information to publish my book! Thus, "The Insecure Black Woman!" Allow her to guide you, through the process!!!! Thanks Jeaninne for your knowledge and wisdom!!!!

Jacqueline Lewis, Author


After my mother died, I wanted to fulfill her dream to  get a handbook published she had written for parents and I was referred to Jeaninne Stokes. Jeaninne took on the task and helped me publish my mother's book. She did all the work and I am so pleased with how the book turned out and for Jeaninne's help making my mother's dream a reality. I highly recommend Jeaninne if you need help publishing your book.


Reverend Charles Mathis 

Doris Langston

Jeaninne Stokes’ classes were immensely instrumental in helping us determine what language we should use in our writing. Some of us, like myself, wrote poetry. I felt led to rhyme. Jeaninne encouraged us to read the writing of other authors. We discovered that reading is essential to writing. In the rhyming area we were taught to make sure our lines equaled each other to avoid losing the meaning and the rhythm. We were told to use words that people understood. We were taught to eliminate unnecessary words, phrases and lines. We were also critiqued by the other members of the class. This provided the feedback we needed to make corrections or receive affirmation that our works met the standards taught in the class. I would highly recommend this class for other writers.


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