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First Sermon Critique

Would you like to receive constructive feedback about the writing of your first sermon to get it ready to share with your audience? I will read up to ten pages of your first sermon and offer you constructive feedback on the following areas: Title, outline, Introduction, transition statements, the body of your message and your conclusion and send you a written recommendation about any aspects of your sermon needing improvement. 

Your investment: $ 125.00

 Manuscript Evaluation or critique - Structural editing

From Jane Friedman's blog;


If you’re seeking feedback on specific areas you’re unsure about, some editors offer a partial manuscript evaluation. And some will review your first 10 or 50 pages. In most cases, editors can spot recurring writing issues in a 5,000-word sample, from passive voice to flat dialogue. We can probably glean enough to know whether the writing flows, and to address storytelling skills, use of dialogue and exposition, among many other stylistic issues.

However, there are many things editors can’t address with a short excerpt: overall structure and plot, character development, arcs, themes, and other full-manuscript expressions of story. An editor simply doesn’t have enough information to offer useful feedback in these areas.

My writing:

Have you started writing a nonfiction faith-based book and would like some feedback before you continue the work of writing and finishing your manuscript? Jeaninne offers a partial manuscript evaluation on the structure of your manuscript (a  structural editor helps you to find the right structure for your manuscript. This is a big-picture edit, more creative than technical) which includes the following: (for this evaluatin, I will use the blueprint for a book to help evaljate the manuscript and use level one of the hierarchy of editorial concerns from my handout from my book coaching training: Also, consider using MIchelle's  Hester evaluationform when critique client's' manuscripts

Level one on the hirerchy:

The book idea has a point and a purpose

The idea or message the author wants to impart to their reader is clear

The messes is aimed at a specific, identifiable reader, with a clear need/desire//pain piont

Level 2 on the hirerachyr:

The book offers the eader the possilbity of transformatio

There is a clear path of transformation/change for the eader

The flow of the argument is smooth between chapters/sections

Level 3 on the hieracrcy:

See handout

Level 4

The author speaks with authority

Voice is accessible

See handout for rest of what to cover when critiquing a manuscript

A review of your title and subtitle

*A review of your table of contents

A review of your point or overall concept 

A review of the transformation you are promising

If it's clear  who your target audience is and you are wriitng to them

A  review of the hierarch of editorial concerns at level one of the pyramd


*Reading of the first ten pages of your manuscript to provide constructive feedback on the overall concept of your book project and whether it is a good idea for your intended audience

*feedback on whether your writing skills need to be improved in any way to make the manuscript stronger.

This edit wil lgive you an overall evaluatin of your manuscirpt; it is not designed to give you a line by lne or content edit; just to provide feedback on the overall structure of your manuscript and how to imporve it to ensure your book is written well.

Your investment: my Fee is based on the word count of your manuscript. I charge $300 to $500 for a partial manuscript evaluation (typically 20-25 double-spaced pages), $1200 to $1500 for a full manuscript costup to 60,000 words. 

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