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Are you paying attention?

One day, while Moses was taking care of his father-in-law’s sheep in the land of Midian, he noticed a bush engulfed in flames that was not burning up. As he drew closer to the bush, God called to him from the bush and told him he would lead the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage.


As with Moses, God has a way of getting our attention when he is calling us to write for ministry. What are some ways he uses to get our attention?

1. He uses our circumstances – Has an event recently happened in your life that may be a sign God is calling you to write for ministry? Is your passion for what you're currenty doing lessening and your desire to write for ministry increasing more and more? Are doors closing regarding job opportunities in your existing career that once opened easily for you? Then pay attention to how God may be calling you to write for ministry through your circumstances.


2. He uses people – What are others telling you about your writings? Are they saying it’s time for you to move from writing as a hobby to writing for ministry and publication? Do people enjoy reading what you’ve written and want to read more? Is your critique group giving you more positive feedback lately about your writings than negative? Then pay attention to how God may be calling you to write for ministry through people.


3. He uses divine intervention – In what ways has God spoken to you directly  to let you know he wants you to write for ministry? Have you received an unexpected note from someone confirming you need to begin your writing ministry? Has God spoken directly  to you through a sermon, a song, a Bible verse, or through prayer? Then pay attention to how God may be communicating his call for you to write for ministry through divine intervention.


Like the great leader Moses, God knows how to get our attention when he wants us to do great things for him. So be sure you are paying attention to how he may be calling you to write for His kingdom.


Responding to your writing call: Which of the three ways is God  using in your life to let you know he may be calling you to write for ministry?  Post your comments on my blog or in my Facebook online Guild  for Christian writers.  I enjoy engaging with you !

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