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Why I may not like your book

I saw a movie the other night with friends. A movie we thought would be fun to watch and provide us with the humor we all desperately needed. But the movie was not good; so not good that I was glad when it finally ended and I could move on to having dinner with my friends.

Why did I dislike the movie so much?



There were no suprises. The movie was dull and predictable. 

It was too unrealistic which took away from the believibility of the story.

The language and crude humor did not align with the movie rating

The drama seemed deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.


Whether you’re writing a script for a movie or a manuscript for a book, its important  to know the elements that are required to ensure you have a book that does not cause your reader to want to stop reading. So here are five elements to keep in mind from an article  by Alexander Limberg on to ensure you have a  book that makes your reader keep reading until the end.


 Tell a memorable story

 Bait your audience

 Use emotional language

 Say it simply

Surprise the reader

Read more about each of these five elements to strenghten your nonfiction manuscript at: 




Whether writing a script for a movie or a manuscript for a book, don’t allow your reader to feel like I felt at the last movie I attended with my friends. Work instead to write a great manuscript; one that will leave your readers saying: "I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait until the next one comes out!

Sharing the journey,



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